From Jill Rowland-Lagan CEO, Boulder City Chamber Boulder City, Nevada

We are thrilled with the results of our campaigns through the Cooperative Marketing Program. 98 percent of the people brought to our site via our Amplified Storytelling campaign are new to our brand, and our search engine marketing has gotten off to a strong start. I’d also like to mention the important impact that the Division of Tourism Grants Program has, not only on Boulder City, but on all rural communities in the State of Nevada.

It is always easy to say great things about a program that betters each of our chambers and visitor centers. But I’d like to point out what is NOT happening because of the generous funds flowing through Nevada. What you won’t see are closed doors and blown-down signs. You won’t see tourists in a parking lot of a visitor center wondering where to go next, without any direction. You won’t see business owners standing around wondering what to do without marketing and advertising assistance from their chambers. You won’t see guests leaving our great State without having seen all the wonder and awe we have to offer. And the reason you won’t see any of that… the Rural Marketing Grants Program. Our State’s chambers and visitor centers are strong and vibrant because of the assistance we receive from the rural grant program that has become essential to so many of us.

To the Boulder City Chamber specifically, we would not have the funds to advertise with Certified Folder Display and watch our guests walk through the doors of our lobby carrying the brochure they picked up in Arizona. We would not have those subscribers of Nevada Magazine seeing our ad each magazine release and reminding them that they really want to come and explore Boulder City the next time they get the opportunity for some amazing adventure. By having the assistance of the grant programs each year, we are able to shift some advertising dollars into venturing into more digital technology and internet avenues of advertising.

In a nutshell… every penny contributed to the Rural Marketing Grants Program does come back to the State, tenfold. All of our communities benefit from all the dollars spent by each of us across the State. What a great way to parlay our money… Only in Nevada!