From Linda Shirley Beatty Chamber of Commerce:

Each year we apply for grants for advertising for Nevada Magazine and the Las Vegas Review Journal Circa. Our intention is to attract people to our community to encourage overnight stays and increase room tax. This year we were blessed with the Death Valley Bloom and were able to advertise that event immediately through Nevada Magazine and the Las Vegas Review Journal, because of funding was already approved. If we had not had these grant funds previously approved through TravelNevada, we would not have been able to capitalize on this amazing event. Our rooms were full for 6 weeks and we are very appreciate to receive this funding and have it available at a minute’s notice. Without this funding, we would have missed out on one of the best times we have seen in years. We also have been able to attract more visitors to come out to Rural Nevada and experience our great outdoor adventures. We have a new Beatty Trails System, built for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts, which no one outside of Beatty would even know is here, without the help in funding from TravelNevada. We have been able to advertise not only that it exists, but whenever they have a special event, we can get the information in our ads and attract many more people. We really appreciate all that TravelNevada does for us here in Rural Nevada, where Tourism is our biggest priority, and the funds that are made available to us are greatly needed and appreciated.