TravelNevada’s domestic sales and marketing programs are guided by a solid research foundation. But research doesn’t just launch a program, it also aids in measuring success and guiding adjustments. Throughout each campaign, all channels are consistently monitored against generally accepted success benchmarks and revised as needed to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

In other words, we identify what strategies are going to work. Then we make sure they do.

Currently, with 63% of people in-market exposed to TravelNevada marketing—68% of whom self-identify as “extremely likely” to visit (or return to) Nevada…

…We’d say it’s working.

Through careful consideration of combined proprietary research conducted by its vendors (Kantar TNS for visitor research and advertising effectiveness studies, Dean Runyan for economic impact studies, as well as U.S. Travel Association, Brand USA and others), and studies conducted by the tourism and vertical consumer brand marketing industries, TravelNevada makes fact-based decisions for all sales and marketing programs.

Since FY16-17, TravelNevada has focused its messaging on the Millennial traveler, while retaining awareness of and great interest in the destination by Baby Boomer and Gen X travelers. This direction is based on research conducted by Destination Analysts for TravelNevada in 2013 in which the Millennial traveler was described as a generation that “lives to travel” and they expect to have “travel lives without boundaries.” Millennials also represent the largest generation in sheer numbers, with about 80 million potential travelers within this segment. Based on the available product in Nevada and the demo- and psychographic profile of Millennials, this becomes a perfect target audience for Nevada.

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The Division of Tourism (TravelNevada) exists to help achieve the Governor’s strategic priority of a Vibrant and Sustainable Economy. To accomplish this, we have crafted the following core elements:

Mission: Effectively promote statewide tourism to enhance the economic vitality of Nevada.

Vision: A vibrant quality of life for all Nevadans.


Achieving the mission and vision is accomplished through the development and execution of two major program components:

Marketing – developing and executing a result-driven strategic marketing program that compels consumer purchase decisions through effective use of key marketing and sales channels.

Education – two areas of focus:

(a) Create professional development opportunities for members of the Nevada tourism industry
that raise the level of expertise across all industry sectors.

(b) Educate potential visitors through a robust public relations-led integrated marketing
program and Nevada Magazine to convey the experiences available throughout the state.


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