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In addition to managing the state brand, TravelNevada provides communities, organizations, and businesses in the tourism industry with development resources, training, and grant assistance that help them exceed their own goals, bolster local economic bases and diversify regional economies.

Being a TravelNevada industry partner is free. Below are some of the programs we provide to hundreds of partners throughout the state.

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About Our Partnerships


TravelNevada offers two grants opportunities for statewide partners.

Rural Marketing Grants – TravelNevada issues around $1.5 million per year to rural partners for a variety of local marketing related projects (in communities outside of Reno and Las Vegas). Private businesses can apply for matching grants, while nonprofits and public entities can apply to receive funds in-kind.

Tourism Project Grants – Funded at $200,000 per biennium with funds allocated for a two-year timeframe, these grants help preserve Nevada’s historic and cultural structures while creating new infrastructure and wayfaring signage to retain and broaden Nevada’s appeal to travelers.

Click here to learn more about applying for a grant from TravelNevada.


Educational & Business Development Programming

TravelNevada offers two conferences filled with opportunities exclusive to the Nevada tourism industry.

  • Rural Roundup – Annual conference that provides educational insights, networking opportunities and partnership development sessions primarily for members of Nevada’s rural tourism community.
  • Governor’s Global Tourism Summit – International tourism-focused annual conference that business development sessions, educational insights, networking opportunities, and crucial one-on-one meetings with international buyers, tour operators, and media representatives from key markets around the world.

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TravelNevada’s Sales Team works year-round to sell the Nevada experience—characterized by our partners’ unique tourism destinations—to tour operators, travel agents, wholesalers and receptives via a variety of channels.

  • Trade Shows – TravelNevada maintains an established presence at a variety of industry trade shows, including Travel & Adventure Show conventions, where we conduct outreach and showcase the tourism experiences our partners offer.
  • Sales Missions – Each year, TravelNevada conducts and/or participates in a number of sales missions to each of our identified international markets. These sales missions provide a cost-effective way to connect with travel professionals, influencers and the media in target regions. The sales missions are generally conducted in partnership with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Brand USA or Visit USA and frequently involve other members of the Nevada tourism industry. These missions offer an ideal opportunity to showcase several experiences available to individual travelers, groups and journalists writing about the destination.

Click here to learn more about our sales efforts and to contact a member of our Sales Team.

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Every decision made at TravelNevada is born of a rock-solid foundation of research. From PR and marketing campaigns to sales and industry programs, every service we offer our partners is driven by  careful consideration of combined proprietary research conducted by our vendors (TNS for visitor research and advertising effectiveness studies, Dean Runyan for economic impact studies, as well as U.S. Travel Association, Brand USA and others), and studies conducted by the tourism and vertical consumer brand marketing industries.

We are glad to share these valuable insights with our partners and the public. Click here to learn more about our research efforts and to view our report archives.

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