BRX: Nevada Basin to Range Exchange

The Nevada Basin to Range Exchange 2020


The Nevada Basin to Range Exchange (BRX) supports, promotes and celebrates statewide collaboration through arts, culture, and community.


BRX is a program of the Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. BRX includes an in-person gathering for intercommunity arts and cultural conversations, ongoing professional development, and networking. BRX aims to:

  • Foster relationships between Nevada’s rural and urban communities.
  • Connect resources, assets, traditions, and histories between rural and urban communities.
  • Identify and encourage new funding streams, cross-sector relationships, and collaborative approaches for impactful arts and culture strategies.


Twenty-five arts and cultural leaders from across the state will be selected from an application process to attend an in-person gathering in Tonopah on April 21-22, 2020. Program participants will gather to discuss challenges and strategies to move communities forward. During the convening, leaders will participate in facilitated conversations exchanging ideas, desires, needs, and community impact through arts and culture. Additional break-out sessions will be included for networking and strategic planning.


This program is for anyone interested in connecting rural and urban Nevada through the arts. This includes but is not limited to Veterans, Health Care workers, Public Administrators, Seniors, Arts Organizers, Business Owners, Community Leaders, Educators, and Arts Enthusiasts. *Due to the nature of the program, only one representative from an organization will be able to apply.


April 21-22, 2020                              Gathering in Tonopah  

For more information, contact

Grace Davis, Community Arts Development Specialist

(e) (p) 775-687-7119