Nevada Heritage Award

The Nevada Heritage Award was available from 2010 through 2019. Beginning in FY2020, the award funds will go towards the new Folk & Traditional Arts Fellowship, which is a competitive grant.

Nevada Heritage Awards recognized and celebrated our state’s living cultural treasures. The selected individuals embodied the highest level of artistic achievement in their work and the highest level of service the teaching and work in their communities to ensure that their traditions stay strong and viable. These awards were given to individuals for their lifelong record of artistic excellence, authenticity, and significance.
Click on the names below to view additional information or videos showcasing the award recipients.


2010      Ixela Gutierrez, Ballet Folklorico (Las Vegas)

2011      Ralph Burns, Paiute Stories (Pyramid Lake); NEA National Heritage Fellowship 2011

2012      Waddie Mitchell, Cowboy Poetry (Spring Creek, Elko Co.)

2013      No award presented

2014      Ofelia Perez, Danza Del Carrizo, Matachines dance (Las Vegas) [Group performs at the end of the linked video]

2015      Gary and Sheldeen Haleamau, Hawaiian music and hula (Las Vegas)

2016      Junior Brantley, Blues Piano (Las Vegas)

2017     Doug Groves, Rawhide Braiding (Carlin, Elko Co.)

2018     Flora Green, Paiute traditional knowledge and crafts (Pyramid Lake)

2018     Patricia Hicks, Paiute traditional dance and crafts (Walker River)

2019     Fumiko Duncan, Japanese Tendo dance and costume (Las Vegas)


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Folklife Specialist Rebecca Snetselaar 702.486.3739