Nevada Circuit Rider Grant

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Available on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the year while funds are available.

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $4,000.

Nevada Circuit Rider (NCR) Grant provide affordable technical assistance to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. Grant recipients use consultants on the Nevada Circuit Riders Roster to address specific issues and/or challenges such as advocacy, board development, fiscal management, fund raising, marketing programming, planning or technology.

REQUIRED MATCH: Grant request must be matched 1:1 by cash and/or in-kind contributions. NAC requires that grantees report all in-kind contributions of goods and services as they have a cash value and demonstrate a broad base of community support (page 43 of the NAC Grant Guidelines).


Nevada 501(c)3 nonprofit arts/cultural organizations, a unit of government or a public institution. Organizations in the process of applying for nonprofit 501(c)3 status may apply using a Fiscal Agent.


This is a noncompetitive grant that is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants throughout the year while funds are available. As applications arrive, each is reviewed for eligibility and completeness by NAC staff and processed.

  • NCR grants require a Letter of Intent submitted prior to contacting a NCR Roster consultant.
  • In general, applicants submitting a Letter of Intent will be notified about eligibility and funding within two weeks of submission through e-mail.
  • Once the NCR consultant is agreed upon, applicants and consultants meet/communicate to answer the NCR Narrative Questions.
  • In general, NCR Grant applicants will be notified to move forward with the NCR consultancy within two weeks of submission through e-mail.


  • All required Support Material must be submitted online.
  • An organization that has not previously applied for NAC funding will be required to submit an IRS 501(c)3 letter confirming legal nonprofit status, a copy of its current board list, and previous year’s annual budget.
  • A draft of the plan/process for implementing the consultancy.


  1. Provide a concise overview of your organization and programs, the location and demographics of your community, how your programs are designed to serve your community and your planning process. (2000 characters)
  2. Why are you requesting an NCR consultant? (1500 characters)
  3. What organization members will be working with the NCR consultant and why? For example: A team of staff and board members will be core group because… The director and full board of directors because… A committee of organization and community members because… (1500 characters)
  4. Have you chosen an NCR consultant? If so, who and why? (For assistance in selecting a Circuit Rider Roster consultant, please contact the CAD staff. (1500 characters)
  5. Has your organization worked with a consultant in the past three years? If yes, provide the consultant name, the nature of the consultancy, date(s), and the outcome(s). If the recommendations of the consultant were not adopted, please explain. (1500 characters)


  1. On what specific challenge or issue will the NCR consultancy focus? (2000 characters)
  2. Who will be the primary contact(s) working directly with the NCR consultant and providing NAC with required evaluations and final reports? (1500 characters)
  3. Please summarize the proposed process and schedule for implementing NCR consultant recommendations and evaluating the outcome(s). Who will be responsible for implementation and evaluation? (1500 characters)


Community Arts Director Shoshana (Shosh) Zeldner 775.687.7119 or email
Community Arts Specialist  Michelle Partick 702-486-3732 or email