OXS Past Exhibits

OXS Exhibitions in 2019-2020

March 11, 2019—Jan 31, 2020 Commissioned Artwork from the Governor’s Arts Awards Program 1989-2011 A Celebration of the Arts Ceramics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Paintings and Photography
Dec 31, 2018—Feb 25, 2019 NTI-Traveling Exhibition Marking A Mark Ceramics, Drawings and Paintings

OXS Exhibitions in 2018

Nov 20—Jan 12, 2018 Andreana Donahue
Las Vegas
Wintering Over Mixed Media
Jan 22—March 9, 2018 Paul Baker Prindle
Mementi Mori Photography
March 19—May 11, 2018 Bobbie Ann Howell
Las Vegas
Vistas and Viewpoints Mixed Media
May 21—July 13, 2018 Matthew Couper
Las Vegas
From Dust to Water  Paintings
July 30—Sept 7, 2018 NTI-Traveling Exhibition Mountain Picassos: Basque Arborglyphs of the Great Basin Rubbings of Basque tree carvings or “arborglyphs”
Sept 17—Dec 7, 2018 Donald Corpier Starr
Las Vegas
Color the Emotion Drawings

OXS Exhibitions in 2017

Jan 9—March 17, 2017 Gig Depio
Las Vegas
Negotiating the Influence of Culture Painting
 March 27 — June 2, 2017 Elaine Parks
Los Angeles
Gail Rappa
High Desert Alchemy  Sculpture & Mixed Media
June 12 — Aug 18, 2017 Paul Ford
Sonoma, CA
Scott Hinton
Environmental Perspectives Mixed Media & Photography
Aug 21—Sept 15, 2017 NTI-Traveling Exhibition Basin and Range Artwork from eighteen Southern Nevada artists
Sept 25—Nov 10, 2017 Mary Warner,
Sacramento, CA
Second Nature Painting

OXS Exhibitions in 2016

Oct 24 —Dec 30, 2016
Dean Burton

Calotypes Photography
Aug 8—Oct 14, 2016 Justin Favela
Las Vegas
Mi Casa es Mi Casa (My Home Is My Home) Mixed Media
May 23— July 29, 2016 David Rowe
Las Vegas
Vantage Point of Distance  Sculpture
March 21, 2016—May 13, 2016 NTI-Traveling Exhibition A Brushwork Roundup: Western Paintings and Drawings by Craig Sheppard Paintings & Drawings
Dec 28, 2015 —March 11, 2016 Nate Clark
Leeway Painting

OXS Exhibitions in 2015

Nov 10, 2014 — Jan 23, 2015 Elaine Jason
Tahoe City
Maria Arango-Diener
Las Vegas
THEN AND NOW: Works by Elaine Jason & Maria Arango-Diener Sculpture & Printmaking
Feb 2—April 17, 2015 Sarah Lillegard
May 11— July 17, 2015 Pasha Rafat
Las Vegas
NEW WORK by Pasha Rafat, Sculpture, Las Vegas Sculpture
Aug 10— Sept 18, 2015 NTI-Traveling Exhibition WALLY’S WORLD: The Loneliest Art Collection in Nevada 35 pieces from art collection of Wally Cuchine, Eureka
Sept 28— Dec 18, 2015 Lydia Yuroff
Walter McNamara
Trickster Ways &  Recycled Ways Painting & Ceramics

OXS Exhibitions in 2014

Sept 8—Oct 31, 2014 NTI-Traveling Exhibition Words + Images: Broadsides from Black Rock Press Broadsides

April 14—June 13, 2014 Linda Alterwitz
Las Vegas
While I Am Still Photographs

Feb 10—April 4, 2014 Erik Burke
Lineage and Line Work Paintings

Dec 9—Jan 31, 2014 Robin Stark
Robin Stark: Ceramic Reflections Ceramics

OXS Exhibitions in 2013

Oct 7—Nov 29, 2013 Joseph DeLappe
Mixed Realities: The Work of Joseph DeLappe Digital Media

June 3—July 26, 2013 Matthew Couper
Las Vegas
Valley of the Dry Bones Painting

April 1—May 24, 2013 Chris Bauder
Las Vegas
Soft Switches Sculpture

Jan 28—March 22, 2013 Peter Goin
Arboles de Cholula Photography

Nov 26, 2012—Jan 18, 2013 Orlando Montenegro
Las Vegas
Radiant Trajectory Mixed Media & Painting

OXS Exhibitions in 2012

Sept 24—Nov 16, 2012 Eunkang Koh
A Study of Human Printmaking

Jul 23—Sept 14, 2012 NTI-Traveling Exhibition Stop the Car, Dad! Photography

April 30—June 29, 2012 Gary Reese
Las Vegas
State of Change: A Re-photographic Survey
of Timothy O’Sullivan’s 1867-71 Expeditionary Photography

Feb 20—April 20, 2012 Ahren Hertel
With Nature Painting

OXS Exhibitions in 2011

Aug 17—Sept 30, 2011 NTI-Traveling Exhibition Honest Horses: A Portrait of the Mustang in the Great Basin Photography

June 13—Aug 11, 2011 Darren Thomas Johnson
Las Vegas
The Skeletons in Our Closets Are Planning
a Parade in Honor of the 2010 Census
Mixed Media

Apr 11—June 3, 2011 Nick Larsen
Thick Dreams Mixed Media

Feb 7—Apr 1, 2011 Dean Burton
Vertical Landscapes: Wet/Dry Photography

Dec 6, 2010—Jan 28, 2011 Linda Alterwitz-Mizrahi
Las Vegas
Exploring Boundaries Photography

OXS Exhibitions in 2010

Sept 4— Nov 26, 2010 Bryan Christiansen
Kiddo Sculpture

July 28—Sept 22, 2010 Dominique Palladino
Distilled Sculpture & Performance

June 14—July 23, 2010 Rossitza Todorova
Carson Bound Painting

Jan 26—March 5, 2010 NTI-Traveling Exhibition Tribe of Artists: Costumes & Culture at Burning Man Photography

Nov 23, 2009— Jan 15, 2010 NTI-Traveling Exhibition The Lingo of Our Calling: The Legacy of Cowboy Poetry Mixed Media