Paul Baker Prindle

18 pieces of artwork
Introduction panel & walls tags
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$150 per 8-week period (Nevada venues)

Approximately 65 linear feet

October 9, 2017 through November 1, 2019

The rich history of drawing–making an image using line–is one that extends at least 30,000 years into the past. No exhibition could fully tell the story of the practice of drawing, yet certain trends, methods, images, and ideas are commonly held among artists who draw.

Making a Mark addresses the history and practice of drawing by narrowing in on a few Nevadan artists for whom the mark is foundational. Here, the work of seven creatives speaks not only for the respective artists, but also for drawing itself.

The Nevadan artists included in this exhibition are interested in working with the mark. Whether the mark is the subject of their art or the mark is a means towards an end, the practice of applying ink, paint, chalk, or carbon with fingers, a stylus, pencil, pen, or even a brush to substrate is elemental to each of the works on view. The variety of outcomes that emerge from the practice of drawing is represented in the work of the artists in Making a Mark who etch, sculpt, paint, and draw through the mark.

The group of talented artists whose work is included here is an incomplete group and is so with purpose. Making A Mark is at once an introduction, a mediation, and an entreaty to think about drawing, to get excited about drawing, and to learn more both about drawings and those who make them. Every human is a mark maker; this exhibition calls attention to the creative urge to leave behind a trace of ourselves.

Exhibition artists include Dennis Angel, Las Vegas; Galen Brown, Carson City; Gig Depio, Las Vegas; Miya Hannan, Reno; Eunkang Koh, Reno; Dennis Parks, Tuscarora; and Sidne Teske, Tuscarora.

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