CARES Act Grants

APPLICATIONS OPEN: June 1, 2020 (9:00 am PDT)
APPLICATIONS CLOSE: June 12, 2020 Extended to June 15, 2020 (5:00 pm PDT)
GRANT AMOUNT: $1,000 – $10,000 based on total annual revenue (No match required)
ELIGIBILITY SNAPSHOT: NV incorporated 501(c)(3) arts non-profit organizations
PERIOD OF SUPPORT: June 1, 2020 – October 31, 2020

GUIDELINES (Download a PDF of the guidelines HERE): The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act recognizes that the nonprofit arts industry is an important sector of America’s economy. The Nevada Arts Council will award CARES Act funds to nonprofit arts organizations throughout Nevada to help these entities and their employees endure the economic hardships caused by COVID-19. Grants will be one-time emergency relief payments that must be expended by October 31, 2020.

This is a noncompetitive grant category. Full funding will be awarded to eligible applicants in the order in which applications are received while funds remain available. For more information see FY21 GRANT POLICIES – GRANT REVIEW PROCESS.

Funds must be used for immediate emergency needs and loss of income and may not be used for future project expenses. These funds are to be used solely for three main purposes:

  1. Salary support, full or partial, for one or more positions that are critical to an organization’s artistic mission
  2. Fees for artists and/or contractual personnel
  3. Facilities costs such as rent and utilities

Grantees will receive 100% of the awarded funds immediately (upon receipt of the signed grant paperwork). In order to stay in compliance and be eligible to apply for future NAC grants, grantees must complete the Final Report online no later than December 15, 2020.

*Current FY20/21 Operating Support Grantees need not apply as they will receive CARES Act Emergency Relief Grant funding through an amendment to their current grant. 

Nevada 501(c)(3) incorporated nonprofit organizations that meet the following requirements:

  • Based in Nevada (as shown by the address on the organization’s IRS 990 form) with the majority of arts programming, services or activities taking place in Nevada
  • Have a mission that describes the arts as the primary purpose of the organization (organizations with a mission that is primarily humanities focused are encouraged to contact Nevada Humanities for information about Nevada Humanities CARES Grants)
  • Show an annual total revenue of at least $10,000 in your organization’s most recently completed fiscal year (based on your most recent IRS 990 form)
  • Must not be a current FY20/21 Operating Support Grantee (those organizations will receive a separate emergency funds payment as an addendum to their current grant)
  • May not apply using a fiscal agent
  • Must not be a K-12 school, religious organization, individual, college/community college/university, auxiliary support organization (i.e. friends of xyz), Federal or State of Nevada agency/division/department
  • Must not have received direct CARES Act funding from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Please note, if you have applied for direct CARES Act funding from the NEA, you may still apply for this grant. The Nevada Arts Council will hold any awarded grant funding until we are notified of the status of your pending NEA CARES Act grant.

GRANT AMOUNT: $1,000 – $10,000 (no match required)

An organization’s grant request level is based on the total annual revenue as reported on the IRS 990 form from their most recently completed fiscal year (or 990-N for organization with gross receipts of $10,000-$50,000).

LEVEL 0 $10,000 – $29,999 $1,000
LEVEL 1 $30,000 – $99,999 $2,500
LEVEL 2 $100,000 – $249,999 $4,750
LEVEL 3 $250,000 – $499,999 $6,750
LEVEL 4 $500,000 – $999,999 $8,500
LEVEL 5 $1 million or more $10,000



In addition to the General Funding Restrictions listed here FY21 GRANT POLICIES – FUNDING RESTRICTIONS, these grant funds may not be used for:

  • Capital improvements, new construction, restoration or purchase of major equipment
  • Debt and deficit reduction
  • Re-granting of grant funds


All required materials must be submitted online with your completed application.

  1. IRS 501(c)(3) Exemption Determination Letter
  2. Organization’s 990 (or 990-N) form from their most recently completed fiscal year


Please review the FY21 GRANT POLICIES before applying. Then complete application questions and submit all required support material online at:

Application opens June 1, 9:00 am PDT.


  • CARES Act Webinar Presentation from 5/27/20: Download PDF HERE
  • Click HERE to access additional resources for NAC grant applicants including a guide to submitting applications online.
  • For questions, email