The Nevada Division of Tourism

The Division of Tourism operates within the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs to help achieve the Governor’s strategic priority of a Vibrant and Sustainable Economy.

In addition to managing state tourism efforts, the Division provides communities and businesses with development resources, training, and grant assistance that help bolster local economic bases and diversify regional economies.

To accomplish this, we have crafted the following core elements:


Effectively promote statewide tourism to enhance the economic vitality of Nevada.


A vibrant quality of life for all Nevadans.


Achieving the Mission and Vision is accomplished through the development and execution of two major program components:


Developing and executing a result-driven strategic marketing program that compels consumer purchase decisions through effective use of key marketing and sales channels.

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Our approach is twofold:

  1. Create professional development opportunities for members of the Nevada tourism industry that raise the level of expertise across all industry sectors.
  2. Educate potential visitors through a robust public relations-led integrated marketing program and Nevada Magazine to convey the experiences available throughout the state.


The TravelNevada Brand “Mantra”



Legislative Authority


The Nevada Division of Tourism (known publicly as TravelNevada), an agency within the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, is the chief consumer marketing agency for the State of Nevada.

Through a dynamic sales and marketing program, the Division promotes the state to potential leisure and business travelers in the U.S. and throughout the world. The Division also is the brand steward of the Nevada: A World Within. A State Apart., a statewide brand that was launched in April 2013.
The Division of Tourism is given its authority to function as a state agency through NRS 231.160 requiring the agency to:

1. Promote this State so as to increase the number of domestic and international tourists.

2. Promote special events and exhibitions which are designed to increase tourism.

3. Develop a State Plan to Promote Travel and Tourism in Nevada.

4. Develop a comprehensive program of marketing and advertising, for both domestic and international markets, which publicizes travel and tourism in Nevada in order to attract more visitors to this State or lengthen their stay.

5. Provide and administer grants of money or matching grants to political subdivisions of the State, to fair and recreation boards, and to local or regional organizations which promote travel and tourism, to assist them in:

(a) Developing local programs for marketing and advertising which are consistent with the State
(b) Promoting specific events and attractions in their communities.
(c) Evaluating the effectiveness of the local programs and events.

Each recipient must provide an amount of money, at least equal to the grant, for the same purpose, except, in a county whose population is less than 55,000, the Division of Tourism may, if convinced that the recipient is financially unable to do so, provide a grant with less than equal matching money provided by the recipient.

6. Coordinate and assist the programs of travel and tourism of counties, cities, local and regional organizations for travel and tourism, fair and recreation boards and transportation authorities in the State. Local governmental agencies which promote travel and tourism shall coordinate their promotional programs with those of the Division of Tourism.

7. Encourage cooperation between public agencies and private persons who have an interest in promoting travel and tourism in Nevada.

8. Compile or obtain by contract, keep current and disseminate statistics and other marketing information on travel and tourism in Nevada.

9. Prepare and publish brochures, travel guides, directories and other materials which promote travel and tourism in Nevada.

10. Publish or cause to be published a magazine to be known as the Nevada Magazine. The Nevada Magazine must contain materials which educate the general public about this State and thereby foster awareness and appreciation of Nevada’s heritage, culture, historical monuments, natural wonders and natural resources.

Ensuring these mandates are met and exceeded, the Division of Tourism operates as a dynamic, results-driven marketing organization, developing and executing sales and marketing programs that promote the state to both domestic and international visitors.



The tourism promotion fund, through which TravelNevada is funded, is mandated, per NRS 231.250:

The Fund for the Promotion of Tourism is hereby created as a special revenue Fund. The money in the Fund is hereby appropriated for the support of the Department. TravelNevada is funded solely through revenues derived from lodging taxes and and conference registrations. TravelNevada receives 3/8 of one percent (1%) of the lodging taxes collected throughout the state.


Executive Staff

  • Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs – Brenda Nebesky
  • Director of Sales and Industry Partners – Christian Passink
  • Chief Communications Officer – Bethany Drysdale
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Emmy Kawchack
  • Chief Technology Officer – Ronald Webster