Nevada’s world-renowned urban centers, mountain resorts, authentic western culture, Native American regions, national and state parks, outdoor adventure and wide open spaces offer great appeal for international travelers.

With non-stop and one-stop connections from many of the world’s most active inbound travel regions and the country’s gateway cities, Nevada is an appealing destination for first-time and seasoned international travelers—a source of visitation that is expected to grow 15-20% by 2020.

Sales Missions

Each year, TravelNevada conducts and/or participates in a number of sales missions to each of our identified international markets. These sales missions provide a cost-effective way to connect with travel professionals, influencers and the media in target regions. The sales missions are generally conducted in partnership with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Brand USA or Visit USA and frequently involve other members of the Nevada tourism industry.

These missions offer an ideal opportunity to showcase several experiences available to individual travelers, groups and journalists writing about the destination, as well as to offer partners opportunities to meet with leading travel agents, tour operators, airlines and the media in key growth markets.

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In-Market Representation

In addition to TravelNevada’s international sales team–who provide superior customer service and partner connectivity for domestic and international travel professionals–TravelNevada currently has in-market representation in 8 international markets with sales and marketing efforts customized for each market and each target audience, and with research conducted in media relations and social media outreach.

While the Nevada brand: A World Within. A State Apart. and the associated “Don’t Fence Me In” tourism brand work well in the U.S., each international market has its own interpretation of the brand.

With the improvements in visa processing, greater policy support for global tourism marketing on the national and statewide level, continued expansion of Brand USA marketing efforts and an anticipated explosion in international travelers coming to the U.S., TravelNevada continues to ensure Nevada is top-of-mind among leisure and business travelers.

TravelNevada’s International Teams

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Australia and New Zealand

“Nevada is such a great state for Aussies and Kiwis.

Aussies and Kiwis are experiential travelers. We don’t want to stop for a photo. We want to explore, discover, touch, climb, and hike. We don’t want to pass by. We want to stop and chat, ask questions, and immerse ourselves in other parts of the world. We don’t want to tick boxes on a travel list. We want to step out of the box and create our own unexpected list.

We come back with stories and experiences we didn’t expect, ones we couldn’t experience at home.

From sudden motorcycle rallies at old saloons… to staying in a haunted 1900s hotel in the middle of the desert… to wandering through ghost towns… to attempting to finish a Monster Burger while Top Gun fighter planes fly over…. to riding electric bicycles around stunning Red Rock Canyon just 45 minutes from Las Vegas…

Nevada offers so many unique stories we can’t wait to share when we get back home.”

-Corey Marshall, CTP

Canuckiwi, Australia & New Zealand

TravelNevada added Australia to its international markets in 2012. Australia is a holistically ideal market for Nevada. Its people are fun-loving, adventurous, take long vacations and speak English. This is a market with especially great potential for rural Nevada. We are represented in Australia, as well as in New Zealand, by Canuckiwi.

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“Many Canadians love the raw beauty of the desert, with all its subtle hues and wide open spaces, which offers sharp contrast to the dampness and lushness of living in a rainforest.

Canadians can be reserved. Traveling in Nevada exposes us to friendly, open people with a reputation for welcoming us to come down and let loose!

No question; there is nothing like Las Vegas in Canada. Sure, we have casinos, but having world-class entertainment and dining concentrated in a few blocks is something else.”

-Lorenzo Campos, Account Manager

Pace Group, Canada

We are currently represented in Canada by PULSE Travel Marketing, Ltd. Visit TravelNevada’s Canada-facing website at

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“Chinese citizens are having increasing consuming power and nowadays, as travelers, are seeking uniqueness they cannot find in China. As a relatively unexplored destination, Chinese travelers fall in love with Nevada’s different beauty of nature and rich tourism resources.

Nevada’s Indian cultures, national and state parks, casino experiences, special events (Burning Man) feel especially different to the Chinese.

Self-driving tours are increasingly popular in China. It is great for Chinese to experience Nevada’s road trips, rather than “common” highways like Highway 1 and Route 66.”

-Jess Wu, Public Relations

East West Group, China

In FY2016, TravelNevada restructured its China sales and marketing effort, partnering with East West Group to promote Nevada to the Chinese FIT and MICE traveler.

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“French visitors are seduced by Nevada’s diversity and the warm welcoming of its inhabitants. Nevada gives us an authentic experience in the American West, off-the-beaten-track and away from the crowds–a feeling you can’t get in France.”

-Mathilde Vanneron, Account Manager

Aviareps, France

France is a fairly new market for TravelNevada with representation beginning in 2012. France is a tremendous growth market for Nevada with travelers seeking outdoor adventure, shopping, dining and city escapes. Our representation in France is via AviaReps S.A.R.L.

Visit TravelNevada France on the web at and connect on Facebook at

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“Nevada is a destination that combines adventure, nature, history and excitement with the capital of entertainment. A trip to Nevada creates authentic and emotional experiences that last a lifetime.”

-Pia Holler. Account Manager

Aviareps, Germany

Germany is a legacy market for Nevada, as German travelers historically relish Nevada’s great outdoors, national parks and touring opportunities. TravelNevada has a strong presence at the ITB show held in Berlin each year with both sales and public relations at the show, promoting Nevada. We are represented in the German market by Aviareps.

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“A trip to Nevada encompasses history, diversity, culture and magnificent landscapes.

With Indian travelers becoming increasingly experiential in their holiday choices, the Silver State is ideally placed with its range of unique experiences and sights. Also, with almost half of India’s population being 25 years or younger, Nevada’s great outdoors and spirit of adventure are perfectly positioned to attract these new-age travelers.”

-Sheema Vohra, Managing Director

Sartha Global Marketing, India

In 2016, TravelNevada opened an office in India, partnering with Sartha Blobal to determine an effective approach to entering this vast market, creating a country activation plan with input from several information gathering channels:

a. Engage an in-market representation firm in India to provide market insights, travel trends and strategic planning

b. Conduct “town hall” meetings with Nevadans who have experience in working with the Indian tourism business environment and have an interest in boosting travel to Nevada from India

c. Develop a strategic plan that outlines a thoughtful approach to sales and marketing efforts in India …and from market experts: Individuals throughout the state with commercial or family ties to India, associations that serve the Indian community, and media that cover travel and lifestyle for the Indian market.

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Latin America

“Latin Americans love the variety of activities you can find in Nevada. From gambling and luxurious experiences to the rustic high-end adventure destinations around the state, Nevada is one of the most exciting states.

Mexican travelers are attracted to the casinos and exclusive shows, but having the nature, culture and non-traditional activities surrounding such main attractions feels really different and makes the experience completely unique.”

-Joaquin Baena, Account Manager

Nevada was represented in Mexico for more than a decade. This has led to a sustained increase in awareness and travel to destinations across the state. Because of the importance of this market, TravelNevada conducts a sponsored sales mission to Mexico each October. This has historically been a ski-themed mission, but has expanded into a winter sports and general travel mission. As of 2017, this effort has been extended to reach all of Latin America. TravelNevada is represented in Latin America by Alex Pace, President and CEO of Global Marketing and Sales.

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United Kingdom


“With the open road and its vast, contrasting landscapes, Nevada provides UK travelers a sense of freedom, of adventure… digital detox.

To a traveler from the UK, Nevada feels unknown, unexpected, off the beaten track.

A world of extremes—from soaring man-made heights to natural highs on mountain tops and freshwater lakes… the bright lights of Vegas and Reno to stargazing in Great Basin National Park—Nevada’s variety of activities and experiences UK travelers find unique and unforgettable.”

-Alex Perez, Account Manager

Hills Balfour, UK

The U.K. is a legacy market for Nevada with in-market representation for more than a decade. At present Nevada is the 4th most visited state and Las Vegas the third most visited city for travelers. Because these travelers know the U.S., the effort is largely about introducing new offerings and expanded itineraries. We are represented in the United Kingdom by Hills Balfour

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