The Nevada Commission on Tourism is composed of the lieutenant governor, who serves as chair; eight members appointed by the governor; the chief administrative officers of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority; and the following ex-officio, non-voting members: the Chair of the Board of Museums and History, the Chair of the Nevada Indian Commission, and the Chair of the Board of the Nevada Arts Council. The governor-appointed members must possess experience and professional background in the tourism, travel or hospitality industries, including gaming. The governor must appoint at least one member who resides in each of the three following locations: Clark County, Washoe County and at least two members who are residents of counties whose population is 100,000 or less.

NCOT Commission Meeting 12/11/1912/11/20191:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 09/18/1909/18/20191:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 06/19/1906/19/20191:00pm
NCOT Marketing Meeting 04/17/1904/17/20191:30pm
NCOT – Director Search Sub-Committee 04/08/1904/08/20191:30pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 03/13/1903/13/20191:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 12/17/1812/12/20181:00pm
Territory Advisory Committee 11/02/1811/02/201810:00am
NCOT Commission Meeting 09/19/1809/19/20181:00pm
NCOT Marketing Committee Meeting 08/02/1808/02/201810:00am
NCOT Special Meeting 06/25/1806/25/20181:00pm
TERRITORY ADVISORY COMMITTEE 06/18/1806/18/20183:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 03/29/1803/29/20183:00pm
Projects Related to Tourism Grant Evaluation Committee Meeting 03/01/1803/01/20183:30pm
NCOT Marketing Committee Meeting 02/15/1802/15/20189:00am
NCOT 2018 Meeting Dates01/02/201812:00am
NCOT Commission Meeting 12/04/1712/04/201712:00pm
NCOT Marketing Meeting 08/02/1708/02/20179:00am
NCOT Commission Meeting 05/17/1705/17/20171:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 02/15/1702/15/201711:00am
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NCOT Commission Meeting 12/14/1612/14/20161:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 10/11/1610/11/201612:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 09/21/1609/21/20161:00pm
Lt. Governor’s Commercial Airport Summit 06/30/1606/30/20169:00am
NCOT Commission Meeting 06/29/1606/29/20161:00pm
NCOT Commission Meeting 03/15/1603/15/20169:00am
NCOT Marketing Meeting 02/11/1602/11/20162:00pm