In-Market Familiarization Trips (FAM)

One of the very best ways for planners and the media to promote a destination is to see it first-hand.

TravelNevada hosts immersive in-state familiarization (FAM) tours  for the travel industry (tour operators, wholesale partners, agents, buyers, et al.) and Press (for members of the media and public relations industries). These trips bring our esteemed guests face-to-face with Nevada’s thrilling diversity of destinations. In addition to expanding our visiting groups’ awareness of the touristic gems our state has to offer, these trips allow our industry guests to experience first-hand the people, cuisine, businesses, and other local attractions, and to create memories they can later take home to their own business partners and customers in their respective markets.

FAM or Press trips may be either hosted or individual, but in all cases TravelNevada is committed to ensuring these visits are of the highest caliber and meticulously professional.

These activities require an immense amount of planning and on-site hosting and thus will have TravelNevada personnel as involved as requested and required to ensure a stellar experience. With limited staffing, TravelNevada will work with Territories to assist with the expense as well as the hosting duties. And, as possible, will work to reduce the cost of these activities through partner contributions. TravelNevada is unable to pay for alcohol, so in all cases will need to have this expense covered by a partner.

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Inquiries about touring Nevada on a FAM tour can be sent to:

Yennifer Reyes Callen
International Sales and Public Relations Specialist

Want to be on the itinerary? Get in touch to learn more about the requirements, logistics, and benefits of making your destination part of a future FAM tour.

FAM Trip Highlights

On TravelNevada FAM tours, business is always pleasure. Browse a few highlights from some recent successful trips.