Cost-effective print and digital marketing opportunities for rural and urban partners

The TravelNevada Cooperative Marketing Program empowers your organization to link with the Nevada brand while amplifying your own. With traditional newspaper and digital media campaigns that deliver hundreds of thousands of views, retargeted impressions, and solid leads… let us be the megaphone to help effectively deliver the message of your property, DMO, event, or attraction, and help you reach broader audiences in new ways.


Current Program Offerings

2017 Fall Integrated Insert

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This integrated campaign reaches interested travelers in key markets at their peak planning time with a full-color magazine-style insert and a four-month digital campaign.


  • High-impact, full-color newspaper insert targeted to select households in key Nevada-pulling markets
  • Print circulation of 725,000 plus unlimited online circulations via digital edition
  • Four months of high-quality lead generation and promotion

TravelNevada’s Cooperative Marketing program is managed in collaboration with Madden Media. 

Past Results

Here are a few notable results of the Co-op Marketing Program from our recent Nevada partners:


Cutting-Edge Marketing Channels

The cooperative program, managed and produced in partnership with Madden Media, offers you a host of cutting-edge marketing channels to effectively deliver your messages. Currently there are three components to the schedule:


marketingtcommentAmplified Storytelling

Inspire readers to take action with your unique story. Captivating, first-person narratives on the content hub are distributed as sponsored content through a proprietary network of lifestyle and news sites. Your story reaches the right person at the right time, guaranteed. Stories will also be housed on your own website.

Site Prospecting and Retargeting Display Campaign

Madden Media’s Prospecting and Site Retargeting creates new traffic for your site and remarkets to those who have already shown an interest in Nevada by visiting your website or the state’s website. These travelers are actively planning their visit.

Integrated Newspaper Insert

The TravelNevada Integrated Insert combines the power of print and digital marketing. The full color, magazine-style format provides a sleek and sophisticated look while a commitment to great editorial content keeps readers engaged. Advertisers will receive high-quality leads on a weekly basis.

Funds Matching

This dynamic program is open to both public and non-profit organizations, regardless of their urban or rural locations within the state. The cooperative is funded in part by a dollar-for-dollar matching grant program. Funding can also be applied for through TravelNevada’s Rural Marketing Grant Program – a competitive grant program for local tourism authorities and non-profits in rural Nevada. To make this program even more affordable, TravelNevada provides assistance in the form of funds matching:

  • Private Organizations — 30% Match
  • Public Organizations — 100% Match


Join the Program

For more details, contact:

Devon Blunden, Marketing Specialist
Nevada Division of Tourism
dblunden [at] travelnevada [dot] com