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Fax 775-687-4168


Indian Hills Curatorial Center



Marjorie Russell Clothing and Textile Research Center



Anthropology Resource Center

775-687-4810, ext. 229


Bretzlaff History Resource Center

775-687-4810, ext. 239 or 240


Natural History Resource Center

775-687-4810, ext. 236


Museum Store

775-687-4810, ext. 234


Myron Freedman
Museum Director, ext. 226

Holly Payson
Administrative Assistant, ext. 222

Mary W. Covington
Membership Coordinator, ext. 224,
Eugene M. Hattori
Curator of Anthropology, ext. 230

Rachel Delovio
Anthropology Collections Manager, ext. 229

Maggie Brown
Curator I, 775-687-3002

Robert Nylen
Curator of History, ext. 239

Sue Ann Monteleone
Registrar, ext. 240

Jan Loverin
Curator of Clothing and Textiles,

George Baumgardner
Curator of Natural History, ext. 236
Education Office
Curator of Education, ext. 237
Ray Geiser
Exhibits Manager, ext. 252

Dave Shipman
Exhibits Preparator, ext. 231

Jeanette McGregor
Exhibits Preparator, ext. 223

Rich Parker
Facility Supervisor, ext. 254
Charmain Phillips
Museum Store Manager and
Facility Use Coordinator, ext. 244