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The Nevada Arts Council’s Artists in Schools + Communities Roster (AIS+C) features a diverse representation of individual artists and ensembles from Nevada and beyond. The AIS+C Roster is designed as an online resource for schools, organizations and communities to broaden and diversify participation in the arts through the engagement of artists in residencies and programs. The AIS+C Roster artists represent a range of arts forms, and all are experienced in collaborating with schools and communities to conduct learning in, through, or about the arts. The roster artists, selected through a rigorous review process, have program experience with at-risk youth, social services, special needs audiences, and lifelong learning.

The AIS+C Roster artists are listed below under their artistic discipline. Each of the artist’s profiles features biographical information on each artist, as well as examples of sample and past programs, professional development workshops for teachers and organization staff, areas of expertise, geographical availability, language proficiency, and contact information.

Artist Residencies provide students, teachers and communities with direct hands-on arts experiences through personal interaction with teaching artists. These individuals are professional or traditional artists working in any artistic discipline with training and experience in an art form and with knowledge of educational practice. The teaching artist may work in long-term or short-term residencies in classrooms or in a community setting, or may lead program development through involvement in curricular planning and professional development for teachers.

The residency design allows the artist to explore his or her discipline with students, teachers and community members through a variety of components that may include teacher workshops, classes, lectures and discussions, rehearsals, performances, community events, and perhaps a final project. Artist residencies provide a unique opportunity for students and community members to work directly with a practicing artist. In most cases, participants in an artist residency will acquire more advanced skills in a particular art form than they would normally achieve through regular educational experiences.


  • FY19 Artist Residency Express Grant is a non-competitive grant that supports short-term artist residencies (20 hours maximum). Read more
  • FY20 Arts Learning Project Grant supports growth through the arts for Pre-K through 12th grade students. Read more

For more information, please contact: Maryjane Dorofachuk, Arts Learning Director at 702.486.3738 or email.

LIST OF 2015 – 2018 AIS+C ROSTER ARTISTS – Download Roster here