Conversations with Artist Fellows

The Nevada Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship Program was created in 1989 to encourage the pursuit of artistic excellence by providing financial support to outstanding artists. Fellowship grants go to contemporary and traditional artists living in Nevada in the literary, performing, and visual arts (including media arts), and may be awarded at any stage of the artists’ career development. By recognizing and rewarding artistic accomplishment, the Artist Fellowship Program promotes public awareness and appreciation of the role of the artist in our society.

In 2016,  the agency was celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Artist Services Program staff wanted to introduce the complex and immediate stories of where some of the past Artist Fellows are today and give a glimpse of the variety of processes, practices, and experiences that artists encounter in their work. Reno videographer, Omar Pierce interviewed and filmed NAC’s former executive director who created the program and six past Artist Fellows.

Bill Fox: Creating the Artist Fellowship Grant

Jennifer Grim: Finding funding for projects you love

Nick Larsen: Avoiding being one of the 85%

Michael Sarich: Putting viewers in the driver’s seat

Eugene Shapiro: Expanding the jazz audience

Jared Stanley: Having the time to write

Erica Vital-Lazare: Being acknowledged
by  a community