Nevada Circuit Rider Roster

The Nevada Circuit Riders consultants have expertise in the following areas:

The more integrated the arts become in the life of a community, the more important advocacy becomes to the work of arts organizations. Many public finance and public policy issues such as arts funding, education, freedom of expression, zoning, community revitalization, and nonprofit laws affect artists and arts organizations. The legislative system relies on decision makers becoming informed on issues with facts and specific information.

Audience development goes beyond increasing attendance. It occurs when new groups of people are attracted to a program or organization and develop an interest, connection with and/or commitment to the arts discipline. Learning how to broaden, deepen or diversify your audience involves identifying clear target groups and basing your tactics on good information about those groups. It requires an organization to establish a process for continuous assessment and feedback throughout, and at the conclusion of your audience building project.

Service on a Board is not an innate skill; board members must learn what they are expected to do and how to do it. It is impossible to prescribe generic board development solutions that will work for each board at each stage of its development.

 To raise funds you need time, money, power, and passion from your Board and other volunteer or staff leadership. Before you can establish how much money your organization is going to raise, you have to determine not only how much you need but also how much your arts organization is capable of raising. To determine your fundraising capability, begin by evaluating your organization’s internal resources and its access to outside funding sources.

 There are a number of important steps to writing successful grants. Before your organization even begins writing you need to do research in order to identify appropriate funding sources. Potential funders all have different requirements and standards for awarding grants. You need to assure your organization’s activities are a good match with the potential funders. You must also be prepared to follow all of the technical specifications a specific funder requires in its applications.

Marketing is communication. It is a means of telling the public who your organization is, what you do, and how they can be involved. Many people equate marketing with selling a product. While the promotion of specific programs and services is the most visible aspect of an organization’s marketing efforts, marketing is more than selling. It includes a full range of communication activities.

Building a strong organization involves more than hiring a staff person; more than obtaining grants and raising money; even more than having a great Board of Directors. A strong organization is built on mission, vision, and values. A strong organization constantly evaluates the impact its proposed activities will have for their constituents and its capacity to achieve its stated goals.

Every program or service you choose to offer should reflect why your organization exists and whom you serve. Each organization needs a structure for conceiving, planning, implementing, and evaluating programs which will successfully meet the needs of artists and the community, and that advance the arts and culture themselves.

Careful planning is a process whereby your organization articulates what it may accomplish in the future, what needs it hopes to meet, and how it plans to do so. Planning helps an organization to identify who it should serve with what programs.

People constitute a key resource for arts organizations. In a field where economic pressures make the flexible use of people and skills a must, volunteers can provide essential services at all levels from staff to board members to hourly assistance. To recruit increasingly selective volunteers, staff or board members, organizations must “sell” themselves. It is essential to plan ahead for the “what” you want and are “able” to offer. This means developing a serious, well-planned volunteer program and knowing non-profit organizational responsibilities.


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Katherine Cole
Areas of Expertise: Board development, fiscal management, marketing, monitoring & evaluation, strategic planning, marketing research
221 Palmer Lane, Mesquite, NV 89027
Connect with Katherine: 775.750.6222

Judy Davis Rounds
Areas of Expertise: Advertising and marketing, nonprofit board experience, social media, web content
Davis Rounds Advertising & Marketing, 5795 Tannerwood Drive, Reno, NV 89511
Connect with Judy: 775.722.7218

Ronele Dotson
Areas of Expertise: Digital marketing and communication, public relations and social media strategy, social media marketing and marketing planning, development and event marketing, brand implementation, social media management and training, website management, database management, email distribution
RAD Strategies Inc., 1400 S. Virginia St., Suite A, Reno, NV 89509
Connect with Ronele: 775.323.6333

Suzanne Hackett-Morgan
Areas of Expertise: Fundraising – specializing in major gift and campaign fundraising, nonprofit board experience, crowdfunding
3008 Mason Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Connect with Suzanne: 702.449.8688

Kendall Hardin
Areas of Expertise: Arts consultant, arts history and arts administration, graphic designer, fiber artist, training, board development, strategic planning, technical assistance delivery, staff coaching, Main Street and cultural tourism experience, workshop development
Idea Factory, 1093 Hickory Park Street, Las Vegas NV 89138
Connect with Kendall: 702.358.1535

Ralph Stalter, Jr.
Areas of Expertise: Nonprofit leadership, fundraising including capital campaigns, corporate training, coaching and facilitating; board recruitment, development and sustainability, educational outreach
3009 Bonnie Rock Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134
Connect with Ralph: 646.522.9672

Jenny Strayer
Areas of Expertise: Visual art, nonprofit experience, public art, gallery, museum, curator, professor, advocate, fundraising, social media
2929 E. Cenennial Parkway, 320, North Las Vegas, NV 89081
Connect with Jenny: 312.459.3920