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March 19, 2018 (Advance Review Deadline: January 31, 2018)

GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $6,500.

Project Grants support arts and cultural activities of non-arts organizations and public institutions that are: (a) integral to the applicant’s overall mission and goals, and (b) achieved through community partnerships. Partnerships, including those that involve sectors outside of the arts, are key to the success of activities funded by Project Grants and must be reflected in every application.


Colleges, universities, public institutions and agencies other than designated arts or cultural commissions/agencies, and incorporated nonprofit non-arts organizations with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.


1:1 cash match. NAC requires that grantees report all in-kind contributions of goods and services as they have a cash value and demonstrate a broad base of community support (page 43 of the Grants Guidelines).


This is an annual grant category. As applications arrive, each is reviewed for eligibility and completeness by NAC staff, processed and scheduled for panel review. Applicants are notified of dates for the grant panel, which is open to the public.


  • All required Support Material must be submitted using the NAC’s online grant system
  • A nonprofit organization that has not previously applied for NAC funding will be required to submit an IRS 501(c)3 letter confirming legal nonprofit status and copy of its current board list
  • For specific Support Material required of applicants, please see page 39 of the Grant Guidelines


Project Descriptions

  1. Provide a concise description of your project. Please include when and where your project will take place and who your project partners are, if relevant. What specific elements of the proposed project will NAC funding support? (1500 characters)
  2. What is the purpose and goal(s) of the proposed activity? How does it relate to: (a) your organizational mission, and, (b) to the cultural needs of your community? (2000 character)
  3. Describe your target audience(s) for the project. (1500 characters)
  4. List project personnel and their responsibilities. (1500 characters)
  5. If your project involves the selection of artists, please describe your selection process. Include information about collaborations or block-booking activities if they are part of the selection process. (1500 characters)
  6. Why does your project deserve public funding (state and federal dollars)? (1500 characters)
  7. Please explain if your organization’s fiscal activity that supports arts programming has increased or decreased by more than 20 percent, or has experienced significant administrative or organizational change in the past year. (1500 characters)

Community Engagement and Planning

  1. Provide a concise description of your community and include: (a) its location in the state, (b) relevant community characteristics, and (c) demographics of its population. If you cite census data, please relate it to your programming decisions. (2000 characters)
  2. Describe the particular constituencies that your organization serves. This answer should be more broad-based than Question 3 in the first section. (1500 characters)
  3. Describe briefly your organization’s planning process. (1500 characters)
  4. How does your organization identify and engage new audiences in arts experiences? If you use the term “underserved,” please provide us with your definition of the word as it relates to population(s) or region(s). (1500 characters)


  1. Describe the methods you use to market and promote your project to the general public and to specific constituencies. Will this build your audience and make your organization more visible in the community and/or state? (2000 characters)


  1. Describe the methods used by your organization to evaluate project impact and measure its effectiveness. How do you determine if your goals were achieved? How does your evaluation process inform your planning process as described earlier? (2000 characters)


  • Sierra Scott, Grants Specialist, 775-687-7104  Email
  • Vacant, Grants Assistant775-687-7102