Professional Development Grant

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: At least one month prior to the activity for which funds are requested, unless authorized by NAC. Available on a first-come, first-served reimbursement basis throughout the year while funds are available.
GRANT AMOUNT: Up to $650 for out-of-state activities, up to $500 for in-state opportunities and up to $350 to attend NAC sponsored activities. Please use the General Services Administration (GSA) rates when figuring per diem costs.

Professional Development Grants (PDG) promote the continuing education of Nevada’s nonprofit arts industry to advance their work and careers through attendance at regional or national conferences, workshops, or seminars for skills training. PDG funds cover costs associated with professional development activities on a reimbursement basis for artists, educators, board members and arts administrators.

PDG recipient often share information gathered during these professional development activities with colleagues. This continues to increase the knowledge base of Nevada’s cultural workforce long after the workshop or conference is over.

Applicants are expected to apply for a PDG on a timely basis to ensure the lowest rate possible for travel and lodging, and must complete a Final Evaluation Report and Budget Form and submit required receipts to receive reimbursement. Travel must be at least 50 miles (100 miles round trip) from home or work place to qualify for reimbursement.

REQUIRED MATCH: No match required.


Arts education professionals, educators, and teaching artists; arts consultants or coordinators of arts/cultural programming employed by non-arts nonprofit organizations; and individual artists of all disciplines, including folk and traditional artists.

Individual applicants must have U.S. citizenship or legal resident status, be at least 21 years old, be a Nevada resident for 12 months prior to the date of application and not be enrolled as a degree-seeking student in the area for which they are requesting NAC funds.
  • Attendance at Regional and National Events: In general, limited to one PDG a year to support attendance at either a regional or national event while funding is available. Travel must be at least 50 miles (100 miles round trip) from home or work place to qualify.
  • Attendance at NAC Sponsored Events: Limited to one PDG to attend a NAC Sponsored event while funding is available. Travel must be at least 50 miles (100 miles round trip) from home or work place to qualify.


  • Individuals working for an organization or public institution may apply as an individual as long as they are attending on their own behalf and not as a representative of the organization/institution for which they work. This must be clearly stated in the application narrative.
  • Any individual, whether applying in the individual or organizational category, is limited to a maximum of two PDGs per year – one in the NAC sponsored event category and one PDG in the Regional/National category.
  • Recipients of Artist Fellowships, Folklife Apprenticeship Grants, or Nevada Heritage Awards may apply for PDG funding.


Nevada 501(c)3 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, schools, public institutions and tribal entities that apply on behalf of their professional paid or volunteer staff members, board members or trustees.

  • Attendance at Regional and National Events: Up to two PDGs per fiscal year to attend in-state activities or out of-state activities while funding is available. Travel must be at least 50 miles (100 miles round trip) from home or work place to qualify.
  • Attendance at NAC Sponsored Events: Limited to one PDG to attend a NAC-sponsored event while funding is available. Travel must be at least 50 miles (100 miles round trip) from home or work place to qualify.


This is a noncompetitive grant category and is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants throughout the year while funds are available. As applications arrive, each is reviewed for eligibility and completeness by NAC staff and processed.

In general, PDG applicants will be notified about eligibility and funding within two weeks of submission through email.


  • All required Support Material must be submitted using our online grant system:
  • For all PDG applicants: A photocopy of invitation or conference/workshop/event brochure that includes agenda; registration form; hotel information; and airline tickets and/or travel arrangements.
  • An organization that has not previously applied for NAC funding will be required to submit an IRS 501(c)3 letter confirming legal nonprofit status and a copy of its current board list.
  • For individuals: A photocopy of your Nevada Driver’s License for proof of eligibility. If you don’t have a Nevada Driver’s License, please call the NAC to discuss alternate documents to demonstrate eligibility for 12 months.


  • Final Report submitted online.
  • Other documents in Grants Award Packet not yet completed.
  • Copies of all receipts not previously submitted: hotel, transportation, registration, meals.
  • For organizations attending booking conferences: report to Nevada Presenters Network via listserv and conference call.
  • Copies of acknowledgement letters sent to elected officials.


Applicant Profile

  1. Please describe your background and position, either at your organization or your individual artistic background.  How does the Professional Development opportunity connect with your background and/or your current artistic ambitions? (1000 characters)

Activity Description

  1. Please describe the activities you plan to attend and include the dates and location of the event.  What specifically will you learn?  What specific sessions/classes will you be attending? (1000 characters)

Public Value/Individual or Organizational Value

  1. Please explain why public funds should be expended for the activities you plan to attend.  How does your attendance at this event further or embody the NAC mission “to enrich the cultural life of the state through leadership that preserves, supports, strengthens and makes excellence in the arts accessible to all Nevadans”? Organizations only: Please tie your answer to your organization’s mission statement. (1000 characters)
  2. Please describe how your attendance will benefit you, your organization, and/or constituents. What specifically will you be learning that will benefit yourself and others (if applicable)? Organizations only: please tie your statement to your organization’s mission statement. (1000 characters)


  • Sierra Scott, Grants Specialist, 775-687-7104  Email
  • Vacant, Grants Assistant775-687-7102