Fellowship Project Grant

The Fellowship Project Grant is designed to support individual artists from all disciplines who have received the maximum allowed number of the Nevada Arts Council’s (NAC) fellowships (two and more) and meet all Fellowship Program eligibility requirements. After receiving the maximum number of fellowships, many recipients are recognized for continuing artistic accomplishment, and are actively participating in their art form as practitioners, teachers or both. This grant category recognizes the commitment of NAC’s fellows, and supports projects that allow them the opportunity to develop ideas or new works to share with the public. Projects may include, but are not limited to, artists who are:

  • developing new techniques or methodologies;
  • experimenting with new materials or technologies;
  • pioneering new works; or
  • conceiving of and advancing new strategies for engagement.


All applicants are required to be previous Fellowship recipients who have received two or more Fellowships, be Nevada residents for 12 months prior to application date, have U.S. citizenship or legal resident status, be least 21 years old and not be enrolled as degree-seeking students. An artist may receive a maximum of two (2) Fellowship Project grants in his/her lifetime. Grant recipients must wait two years before applying for another FPG.


FPG grants will be accepted online. Evaluation of applications and selection of a recipient will be performed by a panel of out-of-state arts professionals with a broad range of experience.

Applications are:

  1. Reviewed by NAC staff for eligibility and compliance with guidelines.
  2. Reviewed by discipline-specific panelists who determine which applications move forward to a 2nd phase of review.
  3. Reviewed by panelists in the in-person panel meeting, chaired by a NAC Board member.

Finally, panel recommendations are presented to the NAC Board for ratification.

The Fellowship Panel Review will be held in June 2018. Written notification of panel meetings will be mailed in late May and grantees will be announced by July.


Projects must occur from July 2018 through June 2019 and are evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Potential Impact: Application describes the potential impact of the proposal in the following ways:

  • Impact to the artist’s personal craft and/or body of work.
  • Impact to the artist’s discipline, field of study, community of practice as defined by the artist.
  • Impact to a broader community, including general public, state and regional community organizations.

2.  Feasibility: Application demonstrates substantial evidence that the proposal will be realized within the funding period.
3. Artistic Strength: Application clearly demonstrates vision, originality, understanding of the artist’s craft and ability to engage community, as defined by the artist.


Grant will not fund the following proposals:

      • Documentation of existing arts projects.
      • Costs related to activities for which the applicant is employed or contracted.
      • Costs related to academic research or formal study toward an academic or professional degree.
      • Expenses incurred in the presentation of final work, such as self-publishing, promotion, catalogs published by the artist(s), exhibition expenses and self-presenting. Such expenses may be one component of the proposal but cannot be the sole purpose of the requested funds.


Artistic excellence and demonstrated innovation of the project are the foremost criterion that panelists will use during the selection process. The work samples should be the strongest representation of project.

Assemble artistic work samples that represent work completed by the primary artist within the last three (3) years. Choose the most appropriate artistic work sample format to represent your project. We recommend determining the arrangement of your work samples before you upload them. Your work samples will be viewed in the order they are submitted.

Do not submit enhanced promotional materials – like, videos marketing you and/or your company. These materials do not allow panelists to see/hear/determine artistic strength. Applications wherein artistic work samples exceed or do not meet the parameters outlined below will not be considered or advanced to panel review.


Project Proposal: Complete the Project Proposal including: project narrative, project timeline, artist statement and artist biography Work Samples: Carefully follow the instructions to assemble/upload the artistic work sample(s).

      • Project Proposal: Complete the Project Proposal including: project narrative, project timeline artist biography and artist statment.
      • Work Samples: Carefully follow the instructions to assemble/upload the artistic work sample(s).
      • Work Sample Form: Fill out the Work Sample Form included in the online application. List work samples in the order to be reviewed.
      • Project Budget: Use the online Proposal Budget form to list all major expenses needed to successfully complete the proposal.
      • Artist Resume: Create a resume that includes dates and locations of exhibitions or presentations of work; dates and titles of publications that have included your work; recognition or awards received; bibliography; education; etc. Please limit resume to four pages. A four page Curriculum Vitae (CVs) is also acceptable
      • ID/Driver’s License: Upload a copy of your valid Nevada ID or Driver’s License, which shows 12 months of Nevada residency.


NAC staff can provide feedback as you prepare and work on your application. However, they can only give advice based on observations from previous review processes. Staff advice does not guarantee funding.

Contact the NAC Grants Management Team at 775.687.7102 or  email if you:

      • Cannot remember your user name and/or password.
      • Have a question about how to validate or if an error is encountered.
      • The website cannot be accessed or there is an authentication error.
      • Work samples are not uploading or there is an error during the uploading.

      Unable to navigate the grant website.

      Contact Fran Morrow, Artist Services Director, at 775.687.7106 or email if you:

          • Have questions about application requirements and general submission policies.
          • Have questions about the work samples or how to label your work samples.
          • Need to edit an application already submitted (prior to deadline).


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: April 19, 2018, 5 p.m. PST. All grant applications and support materials must be submitted online by the submission deadline.


One grant @ $7,000 (no cash match required)