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NAC recently added a new exhibition, Home Means Nevada to its Traveling Exhibition Program. Themed around Nevada’s state song of the same title, this is a photography exhibit that echoes famous photographs and artwork from the late 1800s and early 1900s that helped spur protections for places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. Nevada is a place of inspiration for the photographers who find beauty in her rugged geology and starry skies. Home Means Nevada features 15 photographers and highlights some of the unique treasures found on federally managed lands across the state, from bighorns to Burning Man, to the ancient rock art and petroglyphs in the Gold Butte area. Read more


“Making a Mark,” curated by UNR art professor Paul Baker Prindle, features 18 pieces of art that share a simple common denominator – the mark.  The drawings – by Dennis Angel (Las Vegas), Galen Brown (Carson City), Gig Depio (Las Vegas), Miya Hannan (Reno), Eunkang Koh (Reno), Dennis Parks (Tuscarora), and Sidne Teske (Tuscarora)  – will be on display at the OXS Gallery from Dec. 31 to Feb. 22.

This exhibition addresses the history and practice of drawing by narrowing in on a few Nevadan artists for whom the mark is foundational. Here, the work of seven creatives speaks not only for the respective artists, but also for drawing itself. The OXS Gallery is located at 716 North Carson Street, Suite A, Carson City and is open 8 am to 5 pm. Read more.


The Artist Fellowship Grant now includes Folk & Traditional Arts Fellowship defined by cultural connections such as a common ethnic heritage, language, religion, occupation, or geographic area. Folk & Traditional Arts Fellowships will be offered in Material Culture and Performing Arts. Traditional Arts Fellowship applications are reviewed separately and do not compete with Contemporary Arts Fellowship applications. Read More


The Nevada Basin to Range Exchange (BRX) supports, promotes and celebrates rural-urban collaboration through the arts. The BRX program is a one year program that includes in person gatherings, intercommunity arts-based exchange activities, and peer to peer mentorship. BRX aims to:

Foster relationships between Nevada’s rural and urban communities.
Connect resources, assets, traditions, and histories between rural and urban communities.
Identify and encourage new funding streams, cross-sector partnerships, and collaborative approaches for arts and culture programming.
Engage intercommunity arts initiatives as a way to enrich the lives of all residents, enhance the quality of life throughout the state and strengthen local economies.
Celebrate Nevada’s rural and urban assets.

Program Structure: Approx. fifty community leaders from across the state will be selected to participate in the BRX program during the pilot year. BRX will launch with an in person gathering in Tonopah on April 23- 24, 2019. During that time, program participants will gather, network, learn, and form small intercommunity teams. Between April 2019 through June, 2020 teams will work together to plan and implement intercommunity arts initiatives. The Nevada Arts […]


NAC is pleased to announce our revised grant programs and general guidelines for Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020). One new grant category has been added and other grant categories have been updated to better serve Nevada artists, organizations, and public institutions. Follow the links below to review the 2020 Grant Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

NAC 2020 Grant Guidelines

NAC 2020 Grant FAQ

Grant workshops will be held in January 2019 in northern and southern Nevada. Follow the link below for workshop dates and times. The Nevada Arts Council will also offer weekly grant webinars in January for constituents who are unable to attend an in-person workshop.

NAC 2020 Grant Workshop Dates


The Nevada Touring Initiative (NTI) Traveling Exhibition Program delivers high quality visual arts exhibits to communities throughout the state for an affordable fee. The cost includes rental of the artwork, installation and pick-up, insurance, and publicity and educational materials. NTI exhibits features an array of subjects and art forms, ranging from traditional Washoe basketry to landscape painting and contemporary sculpture.

White Pine County: Where the Great Basin Highway Meets the Loneliest Road in America


From July 2001 through June 2002, folklorist Andrea Graham conducted research and field interviews and photographed neighborhoods, ranches, mines, railroads, people, traditional arts, and artists in the many communities of White Pine County, Nevada. This digital publication documenting traditional life in Nevada, originally published as a booklet in 2003, was the fifth in a series, following Lander and Lincoln counties, and Reno and Las Vegas folklife surveys. The survey was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nevada Arts Council, and conducted with the active support of the Western Folklife Center in Elko. This edition, also funded through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, contains additional pictures from Graham’s original fieldwork, gleaned from the Nevada Folklife Archives, and allows us to present them in color as they were photographed. 


An online resource

NAC’S Artists in Schools + Communities Roster (AIS+C) features a diverse representation of individual artists and ensembles from Nevada and beyond. The AIS+C Roster is designed as an online resource for schools, organizations and communities to broaden and diversify participation in the arts through the engagement of artists in residencies and programs. The AIS+C Roster artists represent a range of arts forms, and all are experienced in collaborating with schools and communities to conduct learning in, through, or about the arts. The roster artists, selected through a rigorous review process, have program experience with at-risk youth, social services, special needs audiences, and lifelong learning.

The AIS+C Roster artists are listed below under their artistic discipline. Each of the artist’s profiles features biographical information on each artist, as well as examples of sample and past programs, professional development workshops for teachers and organization staff, areas of expertise, geographical availability, language proficiency, and contact information.

Artist Residencies provide students, teachers and communities with direct hands-on arts experiences through personal interaction with teaching artists. These individuals are professional or traditional […]


The Artist Fellowship Program was created to encourage the pursuit of artistic excellence by providing financial support to outstanding artists. Fellowship grants go to contemporary artists living in Nevada in the literary, performing, and visual arts (including media arts), and may be awarded at any stage of the artists’ career development. By recognizing and rewarding artistic accomplishment, the Fellowship Program promotes public awareness and appreciation of the role of the artist in our society.
Read More about the Artist Fellowship Program

Grants Program

The Grants Program reflects a significant commitment by the State of Nevada to support the creation of art and access to the arts for its citizens. NAC grants support the efforts of nonprofit arts and community organizations, public institutions and individual artists to make cultural activities and experience widely available to those who live in or visit Nevada. The reach of this program is expansive – grant recipients are found in every corner of the state, and sponsor activities such as exhibitions, concerts, festivals and film series. Grant monies also support Nevada’s dance, opera and theatre companies; symphonies, orchestras and choral groups, and local arts councils statewide. Though a NAC grant may be a small percentage of an organization’s total budget, the importance of these dollars reaches far beyond actual cash value – serving as a catalyst for other public and private support.