Artists in Schools + Communities Roster

AIS+C Roster | Residency Planning


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The primary intent of NAC-supported artist residencies for schools and community organizations is to enrich and support ongoing arts education. The artists on the Artist in Schools + Communities Roster engage students, teachers and community members in the artistic process through innovative project-based learning and modeling, not to supplant or substitute services more appropriately provided by certified teachers. To that end, in-school residencies will only be funded if they supplement an existing program or provide a service that certified teachers typically don’t offer. Artists working in K-12 residency settings may never work with students without the supervision of a teacher.

NAC staff can guide both new and experienced sponsors through the steps necessary to present a rewarding artist residency, providing information and technical assistance in such areas as planning, publicity and audience development. For more information,  please contact Maryjane Dorofachuk, Arts Learning Director at 702.486.3738 or email