Artist Fellowship Grant

The Artist Fellowship Grant is awarded to outstanding individual artists living in Nevada who demonstrate excellence in their work. Twelve-month Fellowships can provide time, supplies and materials, and living expenses for artists working in the visual, literary and performing arts. By acknowledging outstanding artistic accomplishment, the program promotes public awareness and appreciation of the role of the artist in our society.


All applicants are required to be practicing professional artists, be Nevada residents for 12 months prior to application date, have U.S. citizenship or legal resident status, be at least 21 years old and not be enrolled as degree-seeking students. Individual artists applying for an Artist Fellowship must be actively practicing in the discipline reflected in their résumé. NAC defines the term “professional artist” as one who has a commitment to his or her art form and who maintains an ongoing level of productivity. Artists working in collaborations or in groups must apply as individuals.


Students enrolled in a degree program or whose degrees are pending at the time of application or an artist who has already received two or more NAC Artist Fellowships.



  1. Work Samples: Select the literary or performing arts category that most closely corresponds to the nature of your work. (See page 2 or 3.) Work samples submitted must have been produced in the last four (4) years.
  2. Work Sample Form: Fill out the online Work Sample Form included in the Fellowship application. List work samples in the order to be reviewed.
  3. Work Description or Synopsis (if applicable for writers): Write a description of the submitted work that gives the panelists a better understanding of your artistic and aesthetic investigation. If applicable, for prose, the synopsis page is an opportunity to provide detailed information about the manuscript selection.
  4. Artist Résumé: All applicants must include a maximum two (2) page résumé. Carefully read instructions on how to format your résumé for the online Fellowship application. (Only NAC staff review the résumé to determine if the applicant meets the necessary eligibility requirements.)
  5. ID/Driver’s License: Upload a copy of your valid Nevada ID or Driver’s License, which shows 12 months of Nevada residency. If your Driver’s License has been recently renewed, you may submit a utility bill or other item in your name showing Nevada residence from at least 12 months prior to your application date.


In keeping with Nevada Arts Council’s (NAC) policy to ensure anonymity during the panel review process, neither your name, nor any information identifying commissions, awards, reviews, and/or presentations, should appear on your work sample(s) – especially if using a video sample. Only include your name and identifying information on your resume, on the Artist Fellowship Signature page and in your Grants Online (GO) applicant profile.


The primary criteria used in evaluating and awarding Fellowships is artistic excellence of the work samples submitted. During the review process, panelists score applications based on the following:

  • Creative and inventive use of the medium.
  • Consistency in the quality and in the development of the work samples submitted.
  • Evidence that artwork reflects on-going, serious and exceptional aesthetic investigation.


The Fellowship Panel Review will be held in July 2018. Grantees will be announced by end of July. Applications are:

  • Reviewed by NAC staff for eligibility and compliance with guidelines.
  • Reviewed by discipline-specific panelists who determine which applications move forward to a 2nd phase of review.
  • Reviewed by panelists in the in-person panel meeting, chaired by a NAC Board member.

Finally, panel recommendations are presented to the NAC Board for ratification.

Peer panels evaluate Fellowship applications and work samples using a blind review process (each applicant is identified by a number for the purpose of panel discussion) in an open meeting. NAC staff encourages applicants to observe the Fellowship Review Panels in person, as it may help in understanding the process and in preparing future Fellowship applications. Applicants may not contact panelists before, during or after the Fellowship review. Applicants can not address panelists at any time during the review. This ensures that applicants attending the meeting as observers do not have an unfair advantage over those who are not in attendance.

The NAC Board serves as the final authority on all grant decisions and may overturn Fellowship panel recommendations if:

  • The artist is found to be ineligible for any reason; or
  • The artist’s work does not meet the stated criteria of the program.


NAC staff can provide feedback as you prepare and work on your application. However, they can only give advice based on observations from previous review processes. Staff advice does not guarantee funding.

Contact the NAC Grants Management Team at 775.687.7102 or email  if you:

  • Cannot remember your user name and/or password.
  • Have a question about how to validate or if an error is encountered.
  • The website cannot be accessed or there is an authentication error.
  • Work samples are not uploading or there is an error during the uploading.
  • Unable to navigate the GO Smart website.

Contact Fran Morrow, Artist Services Director, at 775.687.7106 or email,  if you:

  • Have questions about application requirements and general submission policies.
  • Have questions about the work samples or how to label your work samples.
  • Need to edit an application already submitted (prior to deadline).

In calendar year 2018 and/or in FY19, applications for the Artist Fellowships Grant are accepted in the following categories:

  • Literary Arts – includes creative non-fiction, prose, fiction, playwriting, poetry, screenplays, web serials and writing for young adults.
  • Performing Arts – includes dance choreography/performance, music composition/performance, theatre direction/performance, set designer, storytelling, and spoken word.

Literary Arts / Performing Arts Fellowships – four grants in each category @ $5,000 each
Literary Arts / Performing Arts Honorable Mention – up to three grants in each category@ $500 each

Submission Deadline: April 12, 2018, 5 p.m. PST.