Location: Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City
Event Description: This exhibit will highlight the only surviving coach from the historic event, Coach 17 the Director’s Car. This coach carried Leland Stanford and the Gold and Silver Spikes to Promontory Point for the “Wedding of the Rails” on May 10th, 1869. The exhibit will present the story of how the railroad was built, and the routes and the impact on Nevada. Included are massive maps, artifacts, and images.

Coach 17 – Stanford Car

Coach 17 is the last surviving piece of rolling stock that was at Promontory, Utah for the laying of the Golden Spike and Silver Spike. While in use in Hollywood, CA, Coach 17 was also used by the local woodpecker population to store acorns. It served for years as a grain silo for the industrious Picus family of birds.

You can visit Coach 17 in the Museum on May 9th.