Exhibits / Collections

1935 Gallery

  • Permanent Exhibit: Daily Life of the Ancestral Puebloans

1973 Gallery

  • Permanent Exhibit: Southern Nevada Landscapes of Change
  • Permanent Exhibit: Minerals and Fossils

1981 Gallery

  • Permanent Exhibit: Uncovering the Past – Archaeology of the Lost City
  • Temporary Exhibit: Photographs of the Southern Paiute (1871-1873) by John K. Hillers
  • Permanent Exhibit: Southern Paiute Baskets from the Joseph F. and Kathryn A. Perkins Collection






  • Temporary Exhibit: The Proof is in the Pots: “Residue Analysis of Virgin Branch Puebloan Ceramics”
  • Temporary Exhibit: Lost Cities of Southern Nevada
  • Temporary Exhibit: What are Katsinam? Hopi Katsina exhibit
  • Permanent Exhibit: The Excavation of an Ancestral Pueblo House


  • Lost City – Ancient Pueblo Outpost (~20 min)
  • Preserving the Past (~20 min)

Exterior Exhibits

  • Petroglyphs
  • Reconstructed pit house
  • Replica Pueblos
  • Historic farm equipment
  • Desert gardens