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Your financial donations help fund museum programming such as exhibitions, programs and basic archival supplies to preserve collections.

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Nevada Historical Society
1650 North Virginia Street
Reno, NV  89503

For more information, please call
Catherine Magee, Director
775-688-1190 ext. 222

The Society would like to thank the following:

AAUW – Donation of $200 to purchase Conservation Supplies.

Reno Geneaology Society – Donation of $400 of Mylar for the Society’s maps and poster collections.

Private Donation – Funding local Basket Expert and Appraiser, Jerome Evans to evaluate, identify and appraise the Society’s basket collection of over 500 baskets.

Jon McCreary – Working with the Society and purchasing LED light bulbs to save energy in the Society’s permanent gallery.

The Society is seeking the following:

The Society is seeking restricted funds for updating computers and purchasing a second server to store digital-born content.

Do you know someone or an organization that could help the Society with this request? We appreciate any support on our latest endeavor.

Donation Form

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By making a tax-deductible gift to the Society, you are helping support the Museum’s programs and collections. From conserving collection materials, purchasing conservation supplies to educating visitors with engaging programs, your gifts make a difference.