NHS Changing Gallery

Hans Meyer-Kassel Exhibit 1872- 1952
April 23rd through July 14, 2018

Sketch drawing of Maria and Bill.
Nevada Historical Society

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Hans Meyer-Kassel pieces that have not been on public view. This exhibition will be on display from April 23 to July 14, 2018.

The NHS received a generous donation of Hans Meyer-Kassel art and archives from his nephew H. Williams Brooks. A selection of pieces from H. William Brooks Collection are on display in our Changing Gallery. These pieces span Meyer-Kassel’s career and represent several different artistic genres and styles. Many pieces from the NHS H. William Brooks Collection are also on exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art.

In addition to the H. William Brooks Collection, we have six exquisite Native American paintings and pastels by Hans Meyer-Kassel that have never been on public display. These pieces compliment those from the NHS Meyer-Kassel collection displayed on the adjacent wall of our Changing Gallery. The Native American portraits are from Meyer-Kassel’s series of works of Paiute dancers and portraits, including famed Washoe artist Dat So La Lee. These images are taken both from life and photographs from Nixon, Nevada and from historic photographs.

Hans and Maria Meyer-Kassel settled in Genoa, Nevada in 1945 by way of New York, Reno, and Carson City. An internationally renowned artist, Meyer-Kassel’s love of Nevada, its landscapes, and its people is evident in the selection of his finished works, sketches, letters, poems, and photographs on view.

In our museum store, you can purchase the Hans Meyer-Kassel book as well as books about Nevada that no doubt highlight people and places that inspired the Meyer-Kassel family.

Nevada Families in Focus Exhibition
Conference Room

Portrait of Charles Curry, son of Abe Curry; San Francisco, Calif., circa 1860.
Nevada Historical Society.

Two of Nevada’s pioneer families – the Currys of Carson City and the Mayers of Elko County. The photography section of the exhibit is still on display in our Conference Room.

The Mayer family moved to Fort Halleck, Elko County, in the early 1870s from Missouri. Once the fort was abandoned in the mid-1880s, the family moved to the town of Elko where Charles Mayer operated the Depot Hotel and Mayer Hotel.

Abe Curry is often referred to as the father of Carson City for his role in the city’s development and growth from its founding in 1858 to his death in 1873.

Photographs are a key component of the exhibit, as the photos within the collections allow us to see the not only the growth of the two families, but also the growth of early photographic processes from daguerreotypes to the more familiar paper-based prints.