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The Docent Council is an educational organization that supports the mission and activities of the Nevada Historical Society. If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer program and would like to donate your time, there are training classes in the spring and fall of each year.

What is a Docent?

Have you ever been to a museum, art gallery, historical monument, or similar area where a knowledgeable guide led you through the exhibits and explained the displays? More than likely, this guide was a trained volunteer called a docent. The term docent derives from the Latin verb docere, meaning “to teach.” Docents at the Nevada Historical Society help visitors appreciate the collections by leading adult and school groups through the museum. The docents are also active in a variety of other services to support and promote the Nevada Historical Society.

Docents work on projects in the research library, the museum store, the outreach program, library, photography, and manuscript collections.

Who are Docent Council members?

The Docent Council’s membership includes all ages—from 21 to well over 80 years. Though their backgrounds differ, the docents meet in a common interest—a love of Nevada and a desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

The docents continue to increase their knowledge through the lecture programs presented at their business meetings held the first Monday of each month. The DC Bee is the monthly newsletter for the organization. Special events and field-study trips add to the enjoyment and pride in being a volunteer in this organization.

Docent Council Application

Docent Council Application

Docent Council Brochure

nhs_docent council brochure


A lecture during one of the monthly meetings.